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Multiple states in India are flood prone resulting in an annual loss of life, property, and wellbeing.

The consequence of flooding is substantially increased when combined with the high frequency of outdoor defecation. This habit ensures that the surface water is highly contaminated and during floods, water borne disease becomes extremely widespread. The knock-on effect on the hospitals and lost productivity across the economy is significant.

The solution

Flooding cannot be prevented, and India can only mitigate the consequences. The primary mitigation must be to provide ready access to safe drinking water to the affected communities. The effectiveness of this strategy is based on a few key criteria with regards to the container used.

(a) It should not be single use – contribute to worlds plastic problem
(b) It should clean the water to international standards
(c) It should provide instant access to safe water
(d) It should hold enough water to support a small group
(e) It should be robust and portable to survive rough handling

Innotech Aqua “Jerrycan” meets these criteria.

Possible applications
(a) As part of equipment on police, army, or other vehicles deployed in flood relief efforts.
(b) Distribution to the impacted families for home use
(c) To help establish mobile “pop up” flood relief centres across the flood plain

Product Description
(a) Provides instant accessto safe water
(b) Removes bacteria and viruses
(c) Easily portable
(d) Requires no energy or fuel
(e) Holds approximately 20 litres
(f) Very easy to use
(g) Filters 100,000 litres (lifetime)
(h) Tested and approved by the Australian defence force, international laboratories,and the Bihar Government

Product size :

46.5 x 35.3 x 16.8 cm

Dry weight :

3.2 kg

Product capacity :

20 litres

Housing material :

ABS (Food grade)

Filter service life :

10,000 Litres

No better proof of product than drinking purified water on the banks of the Ganga river.

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