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India is facing a growing water challenge due to:
(a)High dependence on groundwater
(c)Neglect of traditional practices and systems, including rain water harvesting
(d)Inadequate integrated water management and watershed development
(e)Open defecation.

These challenges have given rise to several water quality issues including:

Surface water contamination
(a) Surface water frequently has massive bacterio logical and chemical contamination
(b) The Ganga water has become highly polluted with very high bacterial contamination
(c)Growing urbanisation and industrialisation have increased the pollution load discharged into the River Ganga resulting in loss of the river’s assimilative capacity.

Groundwater contamination
(a) Ground water contamination is high primarily due to naturally occurring iron, arsenic, and fluoride.

It is recognised that the state Governments are making significant efforts to resolve these issues, but it will be many years before the people can drink safely from a tap. Innotech Aqua has a proven range of water filtration plants that can effectively, efficiently and immediately address these issues.

The mini water plant is our flagship product. It is designed to provide a upto of 3000 litres of safe water every day.
(a) Provides instant access to safe water
(b) Removes bacteria and viruses
(c) Requires no energy or fuel
(d) Does not waste water

Each mini water plant is installed with:
(a) 1 x 1,000 litre black top tank –if a new top tank is required. If there is an existing tank, we may use it if that is the sensible option.
(b) 1 x 1,000 litre black bottom tank.
(c) 1 x bacteria filter
(d) 1 x either an iron filter or an arsenic/fluoride filter
(e) All plumbing

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