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Panchayati Raj Dept, Bihar

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Innotech Aqua has successfully completed 2 wards in Inarwa, Ghoghardiha in 6 weeks each.

These sites are widely recognised as the gold standard for these projects and it is accepted that our sites exceed expectations on all levels.

We are particularly pleased with that fact that we are delivering water to the first floor in two story homes.

We do not attempt to cut corners and our focus is strongly on the people who need the water. The people who live in the village.

Panchayati Raj Dept, Bihar - Building the 8 metre tower

Panchayati Raj Dept, Patna - Putting in the piping

Panchayati Raj Dept, Patna - Connecting the Houses

Panchayati Raj Dept, Patna - The winners

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